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Welcome to SmartButtonShoes.com!
SmartButton for Shoes are an innovative new way to tackle a child's difficulty in grasping which shoe goes on which foot, as well as developing a child's ability to differentiate between the left and the right direction. This device is perfect for young children 2-6 years of age.

The SmartButton is a cute, customizable button that attaches to the shoe lace or velcro strap of the shoe. A child, putting on their shoes, can then press the button and a voice says "This is your left shoe" or "This is your right shoe" depending on which shoe it is. The voice in the button may be spoken in English or Spanish. There are also several color facings to choose from.

SmartButtons are a fun, easy, and attractive way to help your child overcome an early childhood stage, and to sport a cool look, too!
I Did It And So Can You!
Joel Williams Jr. is 14 years old and the inventor of the SmartButton. He would like to share his story and accomplishments with you during this video. The story takes place over the past 5 years and documents the exciting adventure along the way. His hopes and goals are that the story motivates you and ultimately sparks your creative skills.